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The Presentation

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      Engaging, fun, immediately useful

      Participants leave the presentation energized and ready to implement new techniques in their business that will make a difference now and into the future.

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      Customizable to any length

      I can teach the concepts in 45 minutes, or 3 hours depending on the needs of your audience.

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      Rave reviews from seminar participants and organizers

      Time and again, the presentation receives accolades from both participant and event organizers!

When you are looking for a small business marketing and public relations speaker for your business group, club, industry conference or chamber of commerce LIVE event or monthly meeting, The Small Biz Whisperer brings an energy and enthusiasm that is rarely matched. 

Your audience would benefit from participating in LIVE workshops or Webinars presented by The Small Biz Whisperer on the following topics:

  • Make Every Conversation Count: Let Your Employees be YOUR Brand Ambassadors – Attendees will learn the value of employee branding and how the way you treat employees directly impacts sales.

  • Personal Branding for Career Success: In this workshop, we will help you identify your unique brand. Through a variety of examples and exercises, you will learn how to build and promote the online and 'offline' elements of your brand. And, you will also learn how to effectively represent both your company and yourself while talking to potential clients, investors or employers.

  • D.I.Y. Public Relations for Entrepreneurial Businesses: Participants will gain perspective on how to leverage the news cycle, best uses for press releases, who is the best contact for media outlets, and practical steps to get valuable PR on low (or no) budget.
  • Is Your Website Committing Electronic Violations?:  Four attendee websites will be evaluated and critiqued LIVE during this session to spotlight valuable skills for optimizing a small business website to generate more leads and increase accessibility for customers and clients.
  • Broadcast Your Message to the World LIVE: Understanding Twitter’s Periscope App – Find out why LIVE broadcasting is a game changer for your content as Shakira enlightens attendees on what Periscope is and how best to use it to engage with prospective and existing customers.
  • Think Like Your Customers! Search Engine Optimization for Your Business: Partakers in this seminar will learn the power of thinking like a customer when writing for search engines, including developing keyword phrases and backlinks, determining the right SEO techniques for specific needs, and comprehending how it all contributes to website rankings.

Speaker honorarium starts at $1000

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